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2009-07-17 16:07:10 by awesomedaniel

whats up if u r reading this u are in my profile i really dont know what the hell u are doing here. cause i dont have interesting things i mean, i havent even posted a game but well newgrounds is a great internet page so, GO NEWGROUNDS!

i need a dsi

2008-11-27 15:54:31 by awesomedaniel

i want a dsi i dunno what u guys think of it but is awesome is almost better than a psp, no bullshit is better than a psp the psp only has better games but the dsi is much better it has a cam, internet, music player and more things what u guys think????

ha awesome dudes

2008-10-03 05:37:46 by awesomedaniel

i got this user image from a guy that ha been looking for it 1 year and when he got it i only copied it i love this user image cause its from awesome metal gear and i love that series

ha awesome dudes

i just wanna some awesome videos hentai and dress up games !is that too much!